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BREAKING NEWS: On March 14th, 2023 our 24 years journey entered a new chapter:

Thank you everyone for all your support!

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FUN Labs is a Full-Service game development studio based in Romania specializing in multi-platform development for consoles and PC.

FUN Labs has been active since 1999 and was an exclusive studio to Activision Publishing for 16 years (until  2016) where the studio developed several original titles, including the Cabela’s franchise as well as critical work on Prototype, Transformers Fall of Cybertron, Angry Birds Trilogy, and NPPL Championship Paintball.

As an independent studio, FUN Labs has developed the HD Remaster of Telltale’s The Walking Dead 1, The Walking Dead 2, The Walking Dead: Michonne and The Walking Dead 3, as well as the console release of Stranded Deep.

FUN Labs is currently completing work on multiple projects:

  • their original game concept (3rd Person Shooter), currently unannounced, utilizing the latest Unreal Engine technology and scheduled for release on all consoles in 2020

  • fast-paced action first person game

  • a HD remaster to consoles of a highly successful multiplayer PC game.


  • 21 years in game development

  • 50+ multi-platform published titles

  • 133 SKUs shipped

  • 12 platforms (from PS2 & Xbox to PS4 & X1) currently developing for PS4, XB1, Switch and PC

  • Experience on all major 1st Party Platforms (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC)

  • Solid Multiplayer Experience

  • Experience with AAA IP including Walking Dead, Prototype, Transformers  and Angry Birds

  • 90% first pass submission approvals

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