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Job Title: Game Designer

Reports to: President and/or VP of Studio


Division/Department: Production Management


Main duties: Creates game design documents and actively collaborates with the production team on transforming game design document in an actual finished product


Working Relationships: Works with President and/or VP of Studios, Art Director, Project Manager and all department leads to keep the project in line with the its game design. Works with individual department members as needed.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Game designer should have the ability to create well structured game design documents, tailored to team’s production capabilities

  • The applicant should be able to demonstrate the ability to convince an audience about the game’s concept, including the feasibility of converting that idea to an actual product

  • It is also a requirement the ability of motivating the production team in reaching the goals of the design document for the entire duration of the project, without losing the focus of the original game concept

  • Open to suggestions and game design changes and able to adapt game design mechanisms accordingly to feedback coming from producers, users, developers, testers, etc (considering the project’s timeline)

  • Flexible about implementation procedures

  • Passionate about games and having a gaming culture

  • Capable of designing various games genres, both single player or multiplayer

  • English proficiency


  • Persistent communication skills (making sure that its message reach each team member)

  • Pay particular attention to team’s moral for the entire duration of the project

  • Being familiar with the game industry present trends- being familiar with gaming platforms and communities (example: Steam, with its Early Access procedures and its gaming community)

  • Being familiar with mobile gaming specifics, both on Android and iOS

The job interview requires a presentation of a game idea, either original or one of an already existing game. Presentation length has to be of a maximum of 20 minutes.

Salary is negotiated after the job interview.

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